the Eastern European Crisis

I’ve been feeling a bit paralyzed the last few days. I went so far as to almost book myself a ticket to Warsaw yesterday because the Polish Red Cross is so utterly overwhelmed and I know the country fairly well.

I don’t have any photos of the Ukraine, but I do have lots of photos of Poland and her beautiful people. so, I’ll take a moment to share them now, as a brief time out to “do something” that is a bit of nothing.


A study of Half Dome – Yosemite

there’s something uniquely breathtaking about Half Dome. the way it calls to so many and looks like so many things to different people. on a recent trip to Yosemite I got some images from various angles – the way it juts out of the landscape is magical to me.

The tunnel lookout view
view from Glacier Point
the back of a friend who stopped to gaze up at the granite

European vacation 2019 Part 4, Krak贸w

Krak贸w is a lovely city and I really love being there honestly. it’s a metro with as lot of history and vitality as well. a thriving nightlife with a sense of serious business. we also endured a crazy windstorm. but like the train misadventure, these are the things you remember. 馃槄

the gates of Oscar Schindler’s factory
Holocaust memorial in Krak贸w

Krak贸w is another city where you can take synagogue tours – I hate that I didn’t label them at the time…

ceiling in the restaurant where we had dinner on the last night in Krak贸w
old town Krak贸w – we were on the hunt for cocoa

European vacation 2019 Part 3, Poland: various cities

I’ll probably try to have a separate page for Krak贸w. we spent the most time there and have family there as well. it was its own part of the trip.

I also feel like I want to give a heads up that this should have a content warning. there are Holocaust images from our trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau. I’m a photographer and I capture the beauty in the world around me but sometimes what’s around me is difficult to look at. continue at your own pace.

Polin museum, Warsaw
Rebuilt synagogue Bimah, Polin museum, Warsaw
street scene, old town, Warsaw
remnant of the Warsaw Ghetto wall
Mila 18
view from the women’s side – the great synagogue, Warsaw
prayer books, Lancut synagogue
Lancut synagogue
Lancut synagogue
Ruined Bimah of the synagogue in Tarnow
“Work makes you free”
Prayer shawls (tallitot)
the book of names
tracks, Birkenau
the Owesiciem synagogue – still in use and has a museum attached (and a cafe)
wildflowers, incoming storm, outside Birkenau

European vacation 2019 Part 2, Prague

On a Friday morning we hopped on the TGV for what we hoped would be a beautiful weekend in Prague. it turned out to be a misadventure in European train travel, but we laugh when we look back. it all worked out in the end. and these are the stories you remember when you are old and grey and your grandkids ask you for stories…

view from our flat window
castle on the hill at night
St Vitus cathedral
watch tower

the 3 below are from some of the synagogues. you can go on a synagogue tour of the historical synagogues of Prague but I didn’t label them (馃う馃徏鈥嶁檧锔) and now I don’t remember which one is which… they’re all really beautiful tho.

I’m pretty sure this is from the ault-neushul tho.
trdlnik !!!

can we just talk about chimney cakes? they are so freaking delicious.

defenestration is the best word and method of murder…
iconic red rooftops of Prague

European vacation 2019 Part 1, Paris

in 2019 we went to Europe… it was one of the hottest summers on record, honestly. like how did we do it?

the main event was to go to Poland on a Jewish heritage trip but we also went to Paris, Prague, and London.

please forgive me for my… delayed. posting during these ridiculous times. 馃う馃徏鈥嶁檧锔

I’m actually going to break these up into city by city because, honestly, they deserve it.

I give you: Paris.

Ste Chapelle
Ste Chapelle
800 year old wallpaper inside Ste Chapelle
Le Grand Trianon
Le Petit Trianon
the front door of our flat
the stairs in the Arc de Triomphe
I love all the Art Nouveau everywhere
the pyramid at the Louvre
N么tre Dame
N么tre Dame at sunset
cr锚pes Bretonnes s’il vous pla卯t
la Tour Eiffel from the top of the Arc de Triomphe
la Tour Eiffel from les bateaux mouches
Pont Alexandre III

I forgot to blog…

life is messy and busy… and I am forgetful. here are some cherished moments of the cross country road trip in 2018

the Grand Canyon
Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo, TX
the Grand Canyon of Texas
A moment of silence for Dr King
Virginia is for lovers
a stop in Richmond to see grandma and grandpa Bochner
Acadia was the turn around spot
Albany, NY to put a headstone for Nana Corman
Will and Maggie’s SURPRISE wedding
family photo
St Louis
St Louis Arch
Kansas (the sunflower state)
Rocky Mountain High
Rocky mountain National Park
Zion National Park
our route

on the road…

my family and I are embarking on a cross country road trip today.

we left late, but happy and excited.

we have a lot of hopes but are trying to limit our expectations. a challenge, to be sure…

I wish we were in a Nash Rambler…

our rental car is smaller than we expected, but we were able to fit all our gear for a month into the trunk and backseat without totally crushing everyone. the reality is that whether we were leaving for a week or a month, we’d probably have the same amount of stuff…

it’s crazy hot but we’re in the car, so I guess it’s ok. we’re lunching in Bakersfield of all places because it’s where we are and we are hungry. but ugh. Bakersfield… talk about a city down on its luck. I know this is a Photography blog, but there is literally nothing to snap here that doesn’t make me feel depressed.

these socks! they do not make me depressed AT ALL!

driving to the Mojave desert.

well, hello….

um. no thanks.

once in the Mojave, it did become a little interesting out the window. purple mountain majesty and all that…

then there was this:

I already said no, thank you!

we got to our cabin on Hualipai Mountain around 8 and had dinner.

on to the Grand Canyon!